Experienced & Dedicated Staff:

SHEFFIELD CARGO LOGISTICS LTD personnel are dedicated, highly experienced,

of high integrity and are result oriented.


Being aware of your credit terms with your international supplier, we allow payments to be made within 90 days after delivery of our invoice thus allowing your company to make sales, search for market e.g  for commercial products.

Fast and Reliable:

Fast and frequent services using established scheduled airlines/shipping line to every
Continent offering maximum economical and time benefits for your cargo.

Solid Reputation:

Sheffield Cargo Logistics Ltd has become a benchmark in the domestic market due
to our long experience and our will to adapt to the market demands.

Savings on demurrage and storage charges:

Our effective systems enable us to clear your cargo within the shortest time possible once all relevant documents are received beforehand. This ensures that demurrage and storage costs are avoided. We clear airfreight with within 24hrs and sea freight within 3days.

Reliable Tracking System:

We have the capacity to keep track of your cargo from the point of dispatch to the time you receive the same at your doorstep. We therefore keep you posted on the latest as far as cargo status is concerned. This allows for your planning flexibility.

Quick Airfreight & Sea freight Imports and Exports :

We have a very strong force of Professionals who specialize in both Airfreight and Sea freight Clearance. This enable you to deal with only one Agent for both areas of operations thereby allowing your personal time to concentrate on your core duties .

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