ICT and Telecom Equipment Transportation

ICT and TELECOM equipment transportation

Our logistic solutions provide you effective ICT and Telecom Equipment Transportation.

Sheffield offers dedicated logistics solutions to all its customers in hi-tech equipment, their manufacturers or operators, with service levels to match their demands. Through our tailored solutions we precisely manage the flow of merchandise, and support In-Time delivery schedules.

Our Senior Account managers analyze and anticipate your needs to adapt our structures and services to the changes in your business and development.

Our service portfolio ranges from directly collecting your products ex-works to final delivery.

Between the starting point and the destination, we work with you to build the most appropriate logistics solution to help you save time and increase your productivity: international routing by air/sea/land, customs and transit services specific to each country, dedicated, CCTV/alarm secured international and national warehousing, stock management, order preparation, visible inventories, real-time Track and Trace for your merchandise and more.

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