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Our air freight services understands the customer demand for safety, security and swift handling of their...

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We have been progressively consolidating our Customs clearance services in the general cargo business space

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Vessels depart weekly to all Continents. Containerised services also provided at an affordable rate.

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To unburden our customers, we work closely together with a variety of parties in road transport.

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We have differentiated ourselves in the market place by adopting a culture

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sheffield cargo Logistics company

Customs Clearing agent & Freight Forwarders Kenya

Sheffield cargo logistics Limited is an integrated end to end logistics supply chain air cargo, ocean Freight and Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding Agents company based in Nairobi Kenya, We have differentiated ourselves in the market place by adopting a culture of focused, impeccable and dedicated customer service.

We have steadily grown and being members of Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) we have provide the full range of logistics services to customers by expanding our customer base beyond the East African region to a global platform.

Sheffield we are one of the leading providers of customs clearing & Freight Forwarding agent and supply chain management services. 

Automotive & Spares

We have both the resources and expertise to provide a highly competitive edge in automotive logistics across the globe.


Wherever your market may be. Today, Sheffield Cargo Logistics provides consistently high quality logistics services to FMCG companies.


We provide comprehensive logistics services to industrial companies of all types and sizes, from small local businesses to major household


Sheffield is a world leader in providing integrated logistics services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


We strive to provide our customers the best of transportation, logistics, and clearing & Forwarding agents. We aim at consistently delivering a quality service that will meet and even exceed customers’ expectations while simultaneously ensuring satisfaction and building long term business relationships. Our Clearing & Forwarding Agents team of professionals are also committed to ensure the interests and needs of our customers, partners, and staff are met and completely satisfied.

Our Vision

Our vision as a Logistics Solutions Provider is to be the market leader as well as our customer's most trusted partner both locally and globally.

Clearing & Forwarding Agents


To Import means to bring or cause to be brought into Kenya from a foreign country

In accordance with the provisions of Sec.34 of the EACCMA 2004, goods for importation shall be entered (declared) within twenty-one days after the commencement of discharge or in the case of vehicles, on arrival.

To clear any imported goods such as a car, machinery or general merchandise requires the engagement of Sheffield Cargo Logistics Limited. When engaging us as your preferred clearing agent ensure you always provide importation documents including but not limited to: 1.A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) from the PVoC agent for regulated products; 2.Valid Commercial Invoice from the exporting firm 3.valid pro forma invoices from the exporting firm. 3.Three Bill of Lading (sea cargo) 4.Airway Bill (air cargo) 5.Certificate of origin 6.Freight invoice for sea cargo 7.Logbook and its translation if it is not in English (motor vehicle) 8.Permit/License for restricted goods(Kephis/PPB) 9.Personal or importer Taxpayer Identification Number (PIN certificate) 10.Exemption letter (in case goods are exempted) 11.Purchase Orders/Contracts, T/T 12.Certificate of Roadworthiness for Motor Vehicles 13.Packing List 14.Letter of Credit (if available)

To Export means to take or cause to be taken out of the Partner State. In accordance with the provisions of Sec.73 of the EACCMA 2004, goods for Exportation shall be entered (declared) in the prescribed manner and the owner furnish customs with the full particulars, supported by documentary evidence, of the goods referred to in the entry. The goods declared shall be exported within thirty days from the date of entry.

The Exporter will need to acquire the services of Sheffield Cargo Logistics Limited. A C & F agent is mandated to process the Exportation documents in the customs system and assist in forwarding goods on your behalf.

To forward any Exported goods requires the engagement of Sheffield Cargo Logistics Ltd. When engaging us as your preferred exporting agent, always provide Exportation documents including but not limited to: A valid Commercial Invoice; Certificate of origin. Permit/License for restricted goods.(KEPHIS, HCDA, ministry of Mining) Personal or Taxpayer Identification Number (PIN certificate). Purchase Orders/Contracts. Packing List. The Exporting agent is then allowed to declare the goods you are Exporting in the customs system (Create an entry).
Clearing & Forwarding Agents


Experienced & Dedicated Staff:

Our personnel are dedicated, highly experienced, of high integrity and are result oriented.


We allow payments to be made within 90 days after delivery of our invoice thus allowing your company to make sales, search for market.

Fast and Reliable

Fast and frequent services using established scheduled airlines/shipping line to every Continent offering maximum economical and time benefits for your cargo.

Solid Reputation:

Sheffield Cargo Logistics Ltd has become a benchmark in the domestic market due to our long experience and our will to adapt to the market demands.

Reach your destination 100% safe & secure