infrastructure transportation

INFRASTRUCTURE transportation

Our intimate knowledge of the field allow us to build optimal logistics solutions to facilitate your infrastructure transportation!

East Africa has a mean economic growth rate. It has made countless investments in diverse infrastructure projects, but still has immense needs. Sheffield is making an active contribution to this development, providing the logistics for highway, dam, plant projects but also in major tourism development projects executed by International and African construction groups.

Sheffield is committed day-to-day to shipping tons of equipment, customs clear, manage, store and dispatch as per clients exact needs on the ground, scrupulously complying with the formalities and regulations in force and constantly monitoring the safety and security of people and goods.

Our strengths in infrastructure development projects are our intimate knowledge of the field, upstream studies and consultancy on projects, creation of tailored multimodal solutions, expertise in administrative procedures and customs formalities, pre-emptive verification, as well as strategic partner infrastructures and logistics resources throughout East and Central Africa.

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